Pine Box, Texas


The city of Pinebox is located in Golan County, Texas. Pinebox is nestled in the remains of a once-vast, dense forest called the Big Thicket that ranged across Texas, Louisiana, and beyond. For many years the area’s primary income derived from harvesting pine trees for timber, which is how the city came to be named. The area boasts numerous hiking and biking trails, as well as excellent fishing and water sports opportunities at nearby Lake Greystone. Pinebox is home to slightly more than 19,000 permanent residents, plus a student population of 13,000 more. Dining opportunities include a mix of national restaurant chains and local favorites such as the Pizza Barn. Despite hosting a nationally ranked university, Pinebox has managed to maintain its rural roots. Many students have said one of the best things about ETU is how the low-pressure, small town lifestyle helped them adjust to life on their own.


Pinebox is a town of 19th century East Texas charm and 21st century progress. Boasting a city population of over 19,000 and serving a student population of 13,000 more, Pinebox is one of the most important economic centers in East Texas. Located in the heart of what was once the Big Thicket of Golan County, Pinebox serves as a hub of commerce on Highway 96. East Texas University provides many jobs and recreational facilities for Pinebox, and it owns buildings in the downtown area for ancillary office space. The Ravens have also partnered with the local school district to offer state-of-the-art recreational baseball, softball, and football fields just north of Church Street.


Pinebox is the Golan County seat, meaning that it is home to the county courthouse as well as city hall. The Pinebox Police Department’s jurisdiction ends at the city limits, where it is picked up by the Golan County Sheriff’s Department. Through a longstanding zoning agreement, the East Texas University campus is not within the city boundaries. Consequently, anything that can’t be handled by Campus Security falls under Sheriff Butch Anderson’s jurisdiction.



Pine Box, Texas

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